Memory Card Recovery Software for Windows

Download the free Memory Card Recovery Software for Windows to retrieve files deleted or lost under various data loss scenarios. The software offers its users free previewing of the recovered files from memory card before purchasing the license of the software. So, download now, and start recovering your files for free!!!

Tool to Rescue Memory Card on Windows

Now these days, electronic gadgets have become more handy and popular. Mostly, all these gadgets are based on the use of the memory card to store files. You may have saved a collection of your favorite images, videos, songs and game files in memory card. While using the memory card regularly, sometime you may encounter memory card’s abnormal behavior or memory card files inaccessible due to format error, virus corruption to card and so on. Even, you may find important files deleted from the card. Soon after such a crisis, if you want such precious files back, you need to employ a proficient tool. For this reference, Memory Card Recovery Software is the best option for users to rescue memory card on Windows computers. It can also recover data deleted from a Lexar Professional memory card of various types such as SD, CF, MMC, xD, SDXC, SDHC, etc.

Soon after losing your favorite video files from the memory card, you can easily get back deleted videos from a memory card by using this easy to use the software. However, before going through the recovery process, have a look for a minute here because it is better to know about several common factors, responsible for a loss of the card data so that you can be able to avoid such disasters in future. Very first, an improper handling of memory card is very common among users. Some users are habitual to remove the card, which is connected to the computer or other devices without following the safe removal process. At the time, when file transfer operation is going on, if you eject the memory card or system is shutdown suddenly due to abrupt power failure or other logical issues like the malfunctioning operating system, reboot process etc. can result in file loss, which is being transferred. To get through these problems successfully just make use of this outstanding application. Formatted memory card recovery can be achieved on both Windows and Mac OS with the help of this recovery software.

When you attempt to format the memory card, it makes all files free from index pointer and gets prepared to store new data by overriding old data. Therefore, format option leads to loss of all files contained in the memory card. Similarly, you may format memory card just after getting an error message like “The disk in drive is not formatted, format now?” or “card is not formatted”, at the time when you connect it to the computer or camera. In addition, you may pass instruction to execute Format command while trying to explore memory card data on computer after a right click on the drive icon representing memory card in drive list. Furthermore, some user selects format option while viewing the card files on the camera. Apart from these scenarios, deletion of files, damaged file system structure, virus infections etc are also usual reasons responsible for making card files inaccessible. Then if you want to regain access to card files, one can use tool to rescue memory card. You can swiftly recover the corrupted memory card with this application software.

Memory Card Recovery is an automated tool that retrieves memory card files after a few simple clicks. It is designed with strong scanning algorithms, which make it highly capable to revive all type of popular media files. This software successfully restores the memory card photos including videos, audios etc. from different brands of memory cards. This software is available for various versions of Windows and provides the finest way to recover memory card on Mac OS without any complexity.

Procedure to use Memory Card Recovery Software on Windows:

Step 1: Download and install the rescue memory card on Windows Software on your computer. Launch the software, you will get the main screen as illustrated in figure A, select the appropriate option among "Recover Files", "Recover Photos" and "Recover Drives".

Rescue Memory Card on Windows - Home Screen

Figure A: Home Screen

Step 2: On next window, select the memory card from the list of drives as illustrated in figure B.

Recover Memory Card on Windows - Select Memory Card

Figure B: Select Memory Card

Step 3: At last, the software will display a list of recovered memory card files. Double-click on any file to preview it as illustrated in figure C.

Restore Memory Card on Windows - Preview Recovered Files

Figure C: Preview Recovered Files

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