Mobile Memory Card Recovery Software

  • A highly integrated tool that performs mobile memory card recovery in simple steps
  • Capable to restore file of any media type format
  • Works with all brands of memory card types
  • Even supports media file recovery from USB drives, hard drives, SSD and etc.
  • Compatible with all versions of Windows and Mac OSX

Recover Data from a Mobile Memory Card

A memory chip is commonly used as a storage device in so many electronic gadgets. It is used in camera, music player, camcorders and many other devices to store image, music, video and all other types of files in a handy way. In today’s life, mobile without a memory chip is unpleasant to anyone because all of us use mobile phones to capture photos & videos, listen to music and to store various important data. As memory chip is portable in different brands of mobiles, it is very popular to use as a storage device. Like all other storage devices, it also deals with some common problems of data loss. But now there are so many options for mobile chip recovery. Don’t worry; if any important information has been lost from the mobile memory chip then you can easily get back all those information with the help of an efficient Mobile Chip Recovery Software. It restores the mobile memory chip successfully in a very less span of time.

The common reason for a huge data loss from a memory chip is the formatting of the card. You may get frustrated after formatting the chip accidentally because it removes all information completely from the chip. When you connect your mobile to a system, you may get a warning to format it before use. If you unintentionally accept it, you will lose all data at that moment. You may also format the chip without your agreement if you select it in absence mind while trying to format any other partition of your computer hard drive. At the time of formatting, file information blocks and boot area of the chip is emptied and initialized. After that, you have to use the mobile chip recovery application to rescue all information easily. It will help you to restore files from all types of memory chip used on your mobiles as well as it supports to recover camera memory card data with an ease.

You can also use mobile chip recovery utility to recover your memory chip after corruption. A mobile memory chip is corrupted due to different circumstances of your careless use. If you eject the memory chip from your mobile at the time of data transfer or when the system is using any information on the chip, there is more chance of corruption. The other reason for its corruption is the infection of external threats. If you connect your mobile to any virus-infected system, the virus will attack the file system of the memory card and it becomes corrupted. After this corruption, you will not be able to access any file on the chip. In such case, this tool helps to recover corrupted memory card files in a few simple clicks.

Apart from this, the memory chip may be damaged if you use same the storage devices in a different electronic gadgets. Different electronics devices use different file system. If you use the SD card of your mobile in different devices, frequent change of file system may corrupt the card. But, we are very lucky because this software is prominent to restore files from an SD card after this severe corruption. You can employ this application to recover more than 300 types of file formats using their specific signature from SDHC, xD, SDXC, MMC, Mini SD and other types of the memory chip. If you need to restore files from hard drive, iPod, flash drive and FireWire drives, you can utilize this tool efficiently on Windows as well as: this is the finest, memory card recovery software for Mac operating system too.

Steps to restore mobile memory card data:

Step 1: Download and install the tool on your system and connect your memory chip to the computer. Select your required option between "Recover Files", "Recover Photos" and "Recover Drives" from the home screen shown in Fig A.

Mobile Chip Recovery - Home Screen

Fig A: Home Screen

Step 2: Then you will see all the logical drives and external storage devices on the next screen. Select an appropriate drive from the Drive Selection Screen as illustrated in Fig B.

Mobile Chip Recovery Tool - Drive Selection Screen

Fig B: Drive Selection Screen

Step 3: Finally after completion of the recovery process, you will see the list of recovered files. Here you can view any file before saving using "Preview" option as shown in Fig C.

Mobile Memory Card Restoration - Preview Screen

Fig C: Preview Screen

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